Washington Co. IDA awards $250K to SEED$ for Small Business Loans

August 27, 2015

The Washington Co. Industrial Development Authority (WashCo IDA) has granted $250K to the Southeast Economic Development Fund, Inc. (SEED$) to be used as loans to small businesses in Washington County. These small businesses can include startups, existing and expanding small businesses.

“We want to get the word out to as many residents of Washington County as possible and to those who may live outside the county but own small businesses in Washington Co. Our mutual goal is to grow strong businesses that create new jobs”, states Janey Radford, Business Development Coach, SEED$. “This is just a start, for what our plans are for Washington Co.”

Radford says there is also a business competition in the works, and efforts to engage the whole community to create a culture of innovation where new businesses are more apt to form.

The Washington County IDA has dedicated their efforts to promote the economic prosperity of the county by working through public and private sectors for the overall benefit of its citizens. Providing a range of services and products which support local economic development and providing technical assistance and policies promoting expansion and retention of business’ and industries is just a part of work in the county.

SEED$ provides technical assistance, business services and small business loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses.  SEED$ is a subsidiary of East Missouri Action Agency.

Washington Co. IDA Awards $250K to SEED$ for Small Business Loans


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